We will be serving Jesus Christ for 10 days in many areas of need in Mexico. Our goal is not to have a vacation, but to give of ourselves, being stretched and challenged to go beyond the norm. The mission will be challenging. We will be living and serving under conditions which we are not familiar. The reward… Eternal.

While in Mexico, we plan to do both construction and ministering.

The construction will take place at Casa Hogar Gethsemani, the orphanage in Morelos, as well as at Immanuel Iglesia Bautista (the church in Allende). We plan to work on multiple projects. Past projects have included fencing in the playground, building a basketball/volleyball court, tiling, drywalling, painting, digging septic systems, etc.

Each evening we plan to either spend time with the church family in Allende or with the kids at the orphanage.


July 15-24 Morelos & Allende, Coahuila, Mexico

**We will be entering Mexico through Eagle Pass, TX

Cost Schedule

$600 + 9 traveling meals

Up to two-thirds of your CRYW fees may be covered through fundraisers the team does, but you must help with the fundraiser to receive help from the fundraiser.

Payment Deposit Schedule

  • March 5 – $50/person
  • April 5 – $100
  • June 3 – Any remaining balance

Planning and Prep Meeting

  • February 11 – 7 pm
  • March 4 – 7 pm
  • March 15 – 7 pm
  • April 5 – 7 pm
  • April 19/26 – Yard Sale pricing
  • April 30-May 1 – Yard Sale
  • June 3 – 7 pm (FINAL REVIEW)
  • July 14 – 6 pm (load luggage)

Fundraiser Dates

  • Tamales for Mexico – Orders will be filled when restrictions are lifted
  • The Tomato Project – Currently taking orders (Delivered 2nd week of May)
  • Yard Sale – Postponed